When we say handmade we literally mean handmade. We don't use any knitting needles. At all. We only use our bare arms and hands making them. 

The blankets and scarves are all hand knitted and made out of 100% merino wool. The dyes that are used conform with Oeko-Tex 100 quality system.

Our wool only comes from non-mulused sheep.

Size and colour
The sizes can differ between different products as they are hand-made – the indication of size is approximate. The reproduction of colours on screen and in reality can differ due to variations in screen resolution and colour settings.

Washing instructions
If the blanket needs to be cleaned, we recommend you to air it outside, preferably in damp weather. Since wool is a self-cleaning fabric, dirt and odour disappear naturally in damp weather. If necessary, put it in water (max 30° C) for a while. Extrude as much water as possible with a towel and leave the blanket to dry flat on the floor. Avoid twisting the blanket.

The blanket can be washed in the machine – select a wool programme. Shape the product while it is wet and leave it to dry flat on the floor. There are detergents suitable for this kind of wash.